Swath (multi-beam)

SWATHWAY is software for classification of BOTH multibeam and sidescan Sonar Data.

MULTIVIEW is software for classification of multibeam sonar data.

SIDEVIEW is software for classification of sidebeam echosounder data.

Our software effectively processes raw backscatter image data from a wide range of multibeam, sidescan and interferometric sonar systems to make maps of seabed type.  A map of acoustic classes which can be related to bottom type by limited ground truthing is generated by grouping together areas of the seabed that are acoustically similar.

The software uses:

  • data recorded by the source sonar – no additional hardware is required
  • image segmentation techniques that do not require calibrated backscatter
  • patented process to compensate the backscatter image for artifacts caused by survey geometry, such as grazing angle and range artifacts
  • both Unsupervised and Supervised classification

All of our software is simple to use, proven and supports a wide range of swath mapping sonars.


“You don’t have to be a full-fledged specialist in the statistical maneuvers used in the software to use it or to understand the outcome”
Marine Research Institute, Iceland
Contact us to arrange for a download trial of the software. info@maritimeway.ca