Real Time Classification

The RT acquisition system consists of the RT SIM Hardware and the RT VIEW Software.  The RT System is a member of the family of products used for Single Beam Echosounder processing.  When used with the IMPULSE post-processing software and CLAMS Visualization & Export software, these products provide a complete data collection and analysis for acoustic seabed classification.


RT SIM (Sounder Interface Module) is a Hardware product that connects to your Single Beam Echosounder and acquires real-time, high-resolution backscatter data.  RT SIM Hardware comes in 2 Configurations:

RT SIM Series 4 

Survey in water depths from 15 to 500 meters
Rugged, lightweight and compact packaging
Real-time classification or log raw echos

RT SIM Series 5.5

Survey in water depths of less than 1 meter to over 2000 meters
Simple survey system or sophisticated survey tool
Patented process for depth compensation

RT SIM is not required. for Echosounders with the capability to record the full digital echo.


RT VIEW is a Software product that acquires and processes real-time, high-resolution backscatter data from your Single Beam Echosounder.

For Echosounders that do not record high-resolution digital echo signals, the RT SIM is required.  RT VIEW is used to acquire data and control the acquisition.

For Echosounders with the capability to record the full digital echo, RT SIM is not required  and RT VIEW is used to acquire data.


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