MWS provides expert analysis of marine acoustic remote sensing.

The services are based on single beam, multi beam, and sidescan data, utilizing our suite of Seabed Analysis & Interpretation Tools.  Significant expertise has been gained in acoustic data handling, interpretation and processing.

Services have been provided to clients from around the globe, including

  • Provincial, State, Federal and Municipal bodies
  • Academia
  • Commercial companies, large and small
  • Non-profit environmental organizations

A wide range of client-driven deliverables is available.  Final products range from a simple report on the validity and quality of the data, to full-scale, multi-year processing contracts, providing output in formats as required by the clients.  Typical projects include

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Your Survey Data
  • Acquisition and Survey Consultation
  • Turnkey Projects on the Science and Technologies of Acoustic Remote Sensing

Our services are provided by a seasoned team of scientists and engineers with extensive marine acoustics experience.

Contact us to discuss how we can add value to your project.