SPARTA – Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Decision Aid.


The Underwater Warfare Game

Whoever masters the vagaries of sound propagation for passive and active sonar gains the advantage of domain awareness—improving target detection or contact evasion. The UWW domain is like a chessboard – remove the chessboard and the chess game cannot be won. Sonar performance and prediction models are not new. New in SPARTA is its seamless consolidation of a suite of proven, state-of-the-art sonar propagation models into super-modelling capability. SPARTA makes best-model selection seamless, automatically managing configuration and data translations, while keeping the proven integrity of the models intact—the best in all sonar worlds.


SPARTA is an advanced and sophisticated acoustic modeling system that is multi-statics capable and a state-of-the-art tactical decision aid that predicts ocean sound-scapes, defines sonar and senor placements and assists the warfighter to find enemy submarines.
–  M.L. Taillefer, President  (Maritime Way Scientific)