Picture2Operational Oceanography & Scientific Solutions:   The objectives of Maritime Way Scientific Ltd. is to bridge decision making with operational science – by combining the sciences of oceanography, hydrography, ocean acoustics and GIS into real-time situational awareness and decision-making applications.

In operational oceanography, there exists a well defined logic cycle that allows the activity of a task to be conceived, developed, and analysed to understand and predict local, regional and global oceanic events.  This direct application of ocean data analysis should allow decision makers to proceed in a direction influenced by the direct and immediate application of science. 

As the activity of systematic and long-term routine measurements of the science data is applied in an operational cycle – the accuracy of the decisions are enhanced and understood more clearly. 

Within this context, Maritime Way Scientific provides:

  • Data Analysis support and interpretations;
  • Project Management of the information systems;  
  • Operations management of the operational cycle and monitoring activities (in-situ or remotely);
  • Operational support – operating systems that support oceanographic operations.  Provide support at a distance – running models, creating and distributing products;
  • Research support, teaching and customized instructions;
  • Modelling and GIS support and design.