ASL Environmental Sciences is a primary partner to Maritime Way Scientific.  ASL is a world class company with more than 34 years of experience in oceanographic, acoustic and ice research services. ASL provides clients with scientific consulting services including: Flow Measurement, Numerical Modeling, Wave Measurement & Analysis, Remote Sensing, Sediment Transport and Ice Studies.

Rockland Scientific builds oceanographic instrumentation for the detection and measurement of turbulence. Their measurement systems are used in climate research, fisheries research, and defence applications. Rockland’s knowledgeable support team assists with technical questions and consults on measurement campaigns, sea trial planning and execution, as well as data collection and processing.

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Ocean Floor Geophysics OFG is a strong partner to Maritime Way.

OFG Exploration & Survey Services. OFG applies and adapts state-of-the-art geophysical technology beyond the traditional marine acoustic and seismic methods. We provide data acquisition and analysis services that were previously unavailable by combining our specialised expertise in subsea operations, sensor design and sensor integration with geophysical technologies beyond the scope of traditional marine geophysical surveys. Using magnetic, EM, CSEM/MT, VCS, gravity, chemical, and hydrographic sensors and systems deployed on ROVs, AUVs and deep tow systems OFG helps you acquire and interpret data in challenging subsea environments so that you can make your offshore exploration and development decisions with more confidence.
Since its inception OFG has consistently invented, adapted, deployed and operated marine geophysical systems to provide new perspectives of our client’s projects. We provide you with tools to help you make better decisions and lower your exploration and development risk.