About Maritime Way Scientific Ltd.

Maritime Way Scientific Ltd. (MWS) was established in 2010 with a focus on operational oceanography and scientific solutions.  In the beginning, the small enthusiastic team provided consulting service to the defence industry, government, and educational institutions working in the marine sciences.  As new opportunities materialized, the team expanded to include subject matter experts in acoustic modelling, tactical decision aids, oceanography, hydrography, remote sensing, and sediment classification.  MWS also established relationships with several companies, educational institutions, and government agencies for partnerships and collaborations.  In 2014, with the acquisition of Quester Tangent’s Marine Division and the strategic alliance with Lockheed Martin, MWS added an engineering team.

Maritime Way is now an enthusiastic team of scientists and engineers dedicated to
Opening a Window to a Transparent Ocean

We specialize in providing consulting and scientific services and products to Maritime Industry, Research and Development, Fisheries, and Defence.

Our Core Capabilities

Acoustic Modelling
Seabed Classification
Operational Oceanography