Acoustics Modelling

Ocean Acoustics is the study of sound in the undersea environment. When an underwater object vibrates, it creates sound-pressure waves that travels throughout the ocean environment alternately compressing and decompressing water molecules

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Seabed Classification

Seabed Classification is the acoustic remote sensing of ocean, lake, and river bottoms to characterize the physical, geological, and biological properties of the marine floor. Remote sensing is done using almost any sonar.

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Operational Oceanography

In operational oceanography, there exists a well defined logic cycle that allows the activity of a task to be conceived, developed, and analysed to understand and predict local, regional and global oceanic events.

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Operational Oceanography and Scientific Solutions

Maritime Way Scientific Ltd. specializes in providing consulting and scientific services to Marine Industry, Maritime Research and Development, Fisheries and Defence.  Our team is composed of operational subject matter experts in the fields of theoretical oceanographic and acoustic propagation modeling marine science, space-based remote sensing, hydrography and sediment classification, situational awareness solutions and military/naval tactical decision Aids.

Maritime Way Scientific Capabilities


Providing expertise, products, and services that will allow you to open a window to a transparent ocean.

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Maritime Way Scientific Services


Our team of scientists and engineers will support you in understanding and analyzing your underwater environment.

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Maritime Way Scientific Products


Our software and hardware tools allow you to survey the seabed, analyze acoustic data, and make tactical decisions.

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About Maritime Way Scientific


We are a team of scientists and engineers that are opening a window to a transparent ocean.

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